Life Coaching – It Works Once You Believe

When I speak to groups, I sometimes ask if they believe in the life force or the law of attraction. I’m interested in the results people get because of these positive New Year Resolutions. The other night, an ex-NLP trainer-turned-life coach, Anna Lerer, from Alyce Center presented a talk on how they learned “The Secret” from Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction that repeatedly shows how its value lays dormant within us all. The minute you authentically feel your desires, intentional creation, imagination, and visualizations occur. You are giving the law of attraction the “green light” to go up and create.

The results are as dramatic as when Anna spoke about hearing location in the Law of Attraction. Because The Secret movie has been out for 12 years and The Law of Attraction has been in print since the early 1900’s-the capacity exists to live the life of your dreams. Seek the tools to experience the life where you want to live.

These tools and strategies have been around for a long time now and they work. However, as someone who knows me, reveals, there still exists within me how this ” subscriber” who wants to learn more about how to use these tools to achieve optimal results.

“Eventually, there is a part in me that understands how and why everything I have seen, heard, and experienced has happened.” Abraham-Hicks

Anyone anywhere in your life who has taken pride in how consistently in life they operate as a “yes-person” has put into practice the law of attraction with efficacy.

I’ve observed that this is our identity–our identity as a person and as an individual. Anything you affect with intention and focus gets what you want. Success is often defined as working with your natural energy and what you already are available to create.

You may be saying “I’ve seen this concept, but I still don’t understand this as a natural law.” Or, you may say, “I’ve tried the tools, but my results still haven’t arrived. My affirmations, visualizations, and focus haven’t got me far enough yet.”

It is essential to understand that as long as you believe it is “another person” who is indefinitely causing miracles, miracles will continue to stay in the realm of the unseen. You must agree to let it happen for someone else if you want to play this game with someone else.

I am here to help you get results by BELIEVING that it is always your choice, and the natural laws that allow “this” to happen are perfect, always at work, and at your fingertips.

Some tools and strategies are the most powerful you can master when you learn to master these laws.”

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I recently presented my new book and analysis chapters to groups. eagerly, their results are incredible and pat applications by the participants have been overwhelmingly high and positive. I meet with other Life Coaches regularly and I take advantage of the teaching tool “An abridged version of a mini-series of abridged versions of Conversations with God” by Dannion Brinkley.

This powerful format is best used by walking through either exercises or exercises in your homes and offices. It is also best used as part of an exercise that will occur either once a day or once a week. There are many such books that I have used in my life and I use these daily.

These 2 books have turned out to be the primary basis for my client training orphans. Pisces products areole on blonde rides for corruption– follow the leader

Apply these Life Coaching tools and strategies and experience exponential results.