How Long Does it Take to Last Longer in Bed?

The average regular duration of penetration is five minutes, but the duration it takes to reach orgasm varies. For some men, it’s a few minutes; for other men, it can be ten or more minutes.

One thing that’s obvious after you learn how long it takes your partner to climax is that you want to find ways to last longer in bed.

With all of the products on the market, it would be easy to buy a dildo, a vibrator, or condoms and tablets to help you hold out longer. But moms, it’s important to remember that the biggest threat to your sex life is to——losing interest in sex altogether.

It’s a difficult thing to deal with. Sexual activity is a wonderful escape from the cares of life, but the reality is that you’re only going to last long enough to get to the sex. There are techniques to lengthen your sex, and moms need to learn them before their sex lives become too mundane.

Moms need to understand that their husbands are in a constant state of sexual arousal. Any Such arousal translated into rubbing, thrusting, and shooting through the roof.

That kind of fire can be quite overwhelming.

But the fact is that arousal and orgasm are separate processes in the body. Ejaculation and orgasm are separate processes in the body (even though they’re both connected processes in your brain).

The difference: arousal and orgasm are unconscious, automatic physical responses.

So if you were to extend your intercourse by thinking about baseball during sexual intercourse, you would only be kidding yourself. You wouldn’t hit the right buttons, and by the time you realize that it’s too late.

But if you Extend Your Intercourse, Thinking About your Wife, and Doing Other Things Rather Than Sexual Intercourse, You Can Learn to Linger in Bed for a Long Time.

Another thing that can make your sex life more enjoyable and memorable is described in the As wellness tool- cf Participants, Positioning for Intercourse Health tool section.

Flexibility, fitness, and most importantly, staying power, are directly related to the strength of your pelvic floor muscles.

Couples in which the woman has stronger pelvic floor muscles have noticeably stronger sex lives.

You can do exercises to strengthen these muscles. This is true for both men and women.

Both men and women can strengthen their pelvic floor muscles with simple, and highly effective exercises.

The result of exercising your pelvic floor muscles is not only better sex, but also a more robust, harder erect penis, and a very noticeable improvement in your ejaculatory control.

As described in the wellness tool section, the exercise of the pelvic floor muscles increases your capacity to manage your sexual arousal.

You will increasingly have the ability to more easily detect when you are already in the pre-ejaculatory phase of having sex and cool you to stop and postpone ejaculation until you want to.

Your pelvic floor muscles will also be able to contract more strongly and for a longer period when you’re younger.