Celestial Passions: Sheala

Futuristic Erotic Romance

Her gaze swept the room once, twice...

... and jerked to a halt on an especially, a tall, golden-haired, half-naked Gattan whose back was turned to her. The noisy conversation faded to a dull murmur as Sheala stared at him.

She swallowed then swallowed again as her gaze slid up and down the his muscular body. His shoulders were broad, his waist was trim. Thick, golden hair, combed behind his tufted, pointed ears cascaded down to the middle of his back. The soft leather pants he wore clung to his muscular thighs, and his behind...

Sheala shivered. Damn but he had a great ass.

She stared closer. Like her, he had a tail, though his didn’t look nearly as supple and had a tuft of golden hair at the end.

The red-headed Gattan woman standing next to him nudged his arm, and he turned around.

Sheala’s stomach rolled.

Though he was clean-shaven, she was sure he would sport a full golden beard if he so chose. His nose was somewhat flatter and wider than she was used to but was by no means unattractive. Piercing golden eyes moved constantly about the room.

Her glance drifted down over his strong chin and wide shoulders to his bare chest. Besides the three new parallel cuts visible above his right pectoral, numerous other white scars were obvious against his dark, golden skin.

Swallowing, Sheala concentrated not on his scars but on how muscular his chest was. No Drakian or Medirian had a chest so broad. Only the Aradab were more muscular. She turned her attention to his muscular arms, arms that were covered with more fine, white scars.

How did he get all those scars? Fighting?

Sheala shivered.

On his return from a journey Gattan, her brother Char had told them about Gattan bloodfeuds, but she’d thought he’d been exaggerating to make his stories more exciting. She stared at the scars. Maybe he’d been telling the truth.

She dragged her glance down to his waist where he wore a thick belt of the red gold native to his planet. Embedded in its elaborately carved buckle was a large red diamond. The dark leather pants he wore hugged his body, revealing powerful thighs. Boots of the same type of soft, brown leather reached to his knees. The boot sheath held a dagger with a red diamond on its hilt.

Sheala trailed her gaze back up his calves and thighs, stopped at the bulge between his legs. A shiver danced up her spine. Wow! I’d love to see him naked. Will his cock match the rest of him?

"What’s going on?" Sheala heard Vani whisper. "I can’t see."

Sheala jerked her attention out of her fantasy and back to the present.

"Brianna’s become a Bloodsister or something like that to Marljas, the Gattan with his vest off. The others are his brother Wendjas, Wendjas’ wife Denieen, and their twin sons. Now, be quiet. I’ll tell you everything later," Meri, Vani’s oldest sister hissed.

Sheala returned her attention to the bare-chested Gattan. Marljas, a strong, interesting name.

And that beautiful Gattan woman was his sister-in-law – not his wife...

Nerves on edge, Marljas tensed. They hadn’t even been on Drakan half an hour and already he’d acquired a new Bloodsister. Why had Alalakan don al’ Chardadon’s wife Brianna dragged her hand across his claws like that? Had she known the consequences of her actions? She’d seemed shocked when Denieen had explained what Brianna had done.

He shifted his weight. The cuts on his chest burned, but the pain was nothing. He’d experienced much worse. No,

His senses warned him he was being watched. Slowly, he turned and causally glanced at everyone in the room, not hesitating to frown when he gaze collided with Bandalardrac Hardan’s. Bastard. No matter what anyone said, he still believed the Medirian half-breed had been the one to kidnap the Gattan girl who’d disappeared last year.

Bandalardrac crossed his arms over his chest and grinned at him.

Fop! Marljas snarled to himself as Ban turned his attention to the man at his side. The Medirian half-breed would pay for the girl’s disappearance.

Snarling silently, Marljas jerked his attention away from Ban.

Someone else was watching him – closely. Sliding his gaze left, Marljas continued to peruse the room – and stopped on a young woman standing against the far wall. His senses tingled. She was the one watching him – except that her stare was concentrated below his waist.

Marljas perused her face. She was pretty, for a woman who wasn’t Gattan. She was also, judging by the resemblance to Alalakan dem al Xdana, his hostess, a close relative, probably a daughter.

He shook his head mentally. Even if she was interested in him, a smart Gattan didn’t become involved in any way with his hostess’s daughter. His mother would never forgive him such an appalling breach of etiquette!

One of her friends whispered something into the girl’s ear, and she pulled her gaze from his crotch to glance back over her shoulder. She nodded and looked back. This time he caught her gaze with his. Extending his claws, he crossed his arms, purposely scratching himself on his left biceps. A small stream of blood trickled down over his arm.

Momentarily, her eyes widened. Then she jerked her gaze away.

Placing his finger over the scrap, Marljas applied pressure to stop the bleeding and looked away. Smiling to himself, he returned his attention to the conversation at hand. Claws and blood. It worked every time to scare away unwanted attention from nonGattan females.

"Sheala," his hostess said, "you, Jamie, and Vani should go get ready for dinner."

Marljas glanced back towards the girls as they turned and left the room. Sheala. An interesting name.

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SHEALA by Judy Mays is a great read, full of passion, suspense and characters you won’t want to miss. Sheala is an endearing heroine: mischievous, sassy, and developing the confidence to realize she’s perfect just the way she is. Marljas is honorable, oh so hot, and determined to care for those he loves. Sheala and Marljas make a great couple and their sex scenes sizzle. The conflict in the story is well written and the author shows both the reality of a bad situation and the ability of people to overcome huge emotional and mental hurts... Readers of the first book in the Celestial Passions series, BRIANNA, will enjoy catching up with Char and Brianna and others in the family. Even if you missed the first book, you’ll enjoy this one. Hurry over to Ellora’s Cave to get your copy of SHEALA and enjoy a satisfying romance that’ll keep you warm all over.

Lori Ann





SHEALA is the second book in Judy Mays’ Celestial Passions series. I absolutely adored the first book so, I jumped at the chance to review this one. I was not disappointed. This book can be read by itself, but for those that are interested, I would highly recommend, Brianna: Celestial Passions. Ms Mays seems to have a talent for taking contemporary qualities and mixing them with other worldly characters to create fantastical stories that guarantee an enjoyable read every time. In Sheala, she has taken a heartbreaking situation and incorporated it into a blistering hot, erotic story....

SHEALA: CELESTIAL PASSIONS will grab you from the first page. Ms Mays combines romance, danger, and heartbreak to form an unforgettable story that will leave you wanting more. The secondary characters stand out in their own right without overwhelming the hero and heroine. The writing and dialogue are excellent and the book remains interesting throughout.







Wow, this was a wonderful book. The worlds that Judy Mays has created were so well described that it was possible to 'see' everything that was happening. Sheala went through a terrible ordeal and yet was willing to try and overcome it. I was impressed with her reactions throughout the book. Marljas was a fantastic character that we could really love. He was so gentle with her, and he was so understanding. I loved the secondary characters as well. Not only are we able to see Brianna and Char, but Ban was there again, and we got to see more of Sosha from the first book. I cannot wait to read both Sosha and Ban’s stories and hope that they will be out soon.

Reviewed by: Serena


Fallen Angels Reviews - five angels, recommended read




Infused with a deep sense of healing, the second novel of the Celestial Passions series, Sheala, wraps up the first book while providing a whole new and exciting focus... Sheala is a strong and wild woman who allows her strengths to shine. She undergoes a horrible experience at the hands of her captors and reverts to fearful dreams. Her healing and development into a new woman is invigorating and touching. Although I liked Sheala, Marljas steals the show. He is a blend of carnal beast and warmhearted lover. His loving tenderness made me care about him and I felt the bond between them. When his beastly nature takes control, his animalistic tendencies burn the pages. These sex scenes are tender at one point yet also fierce at another, providing a nice blend between passion and love-making. The cold and cruel Gattan political motives provide an appealing amount of tension to the storyline. Overall, I gleefully consumed this book and find Sheala to be an illustrious follow up to the first book in the Celestial Passions series.

Francesca Hayne
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