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4 Stars Romantic Times Magazine!

This Celestial Passions sequel to Brianna is a wonderfully complex story with numerous threads and lots of characters who are intriguing and interesting. The problems they face and the actions they take to overcome them are skillfully portrayed.

Susan Mobley Romantic Times Magazine


Celestial Passions: Sheala

Futuristic Erotic Romance

When a Gattan warrior loves a woman, nothing will stop him from claiming her - not breaking his society's long-standing traditions on a world not his own nor the fact that this woman's brother was once an enemy.

From the first moment Marljas caught sight of Sheala's curvaceous body and mischievous eyes, he wanted her. When she accidentally cut him, she sealed her fate. She’d blooded his neck, claiming him in true Gattan tradition. By all rights, she was his.

Raised on the hedonistic planet Drakan, Sheala learned a myriad of ways to please a lover. However, she decides to practice the sensual arts she had learned on the handsome Gattan visiting her family. The virile lion man with golden hair, tufted ears, and an Alalakan dragon tattoo his shoulder fascinated her. But it was the huge bulge between his legs that came alive every time she was near him that captured her attention. Oh, yes, Marljas would be her first true lover.

After Sheala is kidnapped and tortured by a family enemy, the indulged, protected young woman she’d been disappeared. Hoping Marljas will heal her physically and mentally, Sheala initiates the blood ritual that would bind her to him forever.

The fire he ignites in her soul does much, much more.

Available NOW from Ellora's Cave

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Celestial Passions: Meri


 Thousands of years ago, the dols and the orcs disappeared from the planet Mediria because the three races of the aquatic planet refused to desist fighting their racially motivated wars.  Their amazing departute in huge space ships so shocked the Medirians, Aradabs, and Nissians that the three races immediately ceased all hostilities and worked together to develop their civilization and technology with the sole purpose of fnding the dols and orcs and bringing them home to Mediria.

 Now generations later, Lillalistross don al' Ademis from Drakan, the planet the orbiting the Merdirian sun exactly opposite it has returned a kidnapped child to the Aradab.  On his shoulder rides a tatto of his clan totem - a dol leaping from the waves of a rolling blue sea.  The dols and orcs do not live in the seas of Drakan, but can this man lead the Medirians to them?

 Princess Merilinlalissa has no doubts.  This Drakian, somehow, someway, is connected with  finding the dols and the orcs, and she's going to find out how.  The fact that he's very tall, very handsome, and very sexy only makes her determination to discover all she can about him that much more interesting.




Four and a half stars from Romantic Times Magazine!

Celestial Passions: Brianna

  All Brianna did was what any other decent human being would do - rescue a pair of aliens her boss was about to dissect and get them back to their space ship. In the process, she ended up as a medical experiment of one of their scientists.
     Captain Alalakan don al Charadadon was not about to let Dr. Bakon don al Rodak conduct his ridiculous sexual experiments on an inhabitant from this newly discovered world, even if it meant he had to marry her to save her.
     So, Brianna finds herself hurtling through space married to a very sexy alien from a planet where hedonishm is the norm, and there are three sexes, male, female, and hermaphrodite.  And Rodak wants her back and is willing to do anything to get her.

Available NOW from Ellora's Cave and Waldenbooks!


Futuristic Erotic Romance


Now available in paperback!


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